Teen years may seem to be the time for having fun and enjoying life.  However, while there’s nothing wrong with having fun, it’s also the time to begin thinking about what you want to become in life. Also, how to go about getting there.   You may have read my previous post Life Lessons from a Caterpillar. This is simply a few additional thoughts to think about as you contemplate your life and what you want to become.

  1. Be boldBelieve in yourself.

 Have confidence in the many gifts and abilities that God has placed within you. Don’t compare yourself to others. Know that you are good enough. Just because you may feel that there are others who are doing something better than you are doesn’t mean that there isn’t a place for what you have to offer. Don’t fear failure so much that you don’t even try to become the person you were meant to be.  

2. Encourage yourself along the way

Celebrate your successes. Encourage yourself to get up when you fall down. In a world where there is oftentimes a focus on negativity give yourself permission to recover from failure.   

3. Character Matters! 

22 A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.

Proverbs 22:1

 Becoming the person God created you to be begins on the inside. It starts with you deciding the type of person you want to be, establishing your values and then sticking to them. They shouldn’t change based on the group of people you are around.    

4. Observe and learn from others around you

 Learn from others’ successes and failures. Talk to people who have done some of the things you plan to do.  Next to God, people are your greatest resource. Gain some of their wisdom. Why make the same mistakes that someone else has made if you can benefit from their mistake?

5.  Make good decisions – 

How many forms of social media do you have? How responsible are you with social media?  How will the things you post that are supposed to be between you and your friends going to stand the light of public scrutiny? Is it worth it? Every decision you make contributes to who you ultimately become.

6. Information is key so, be informed

Whatever your desire is on your road to becoming the person God has created you to be it is important to be informed. Consequently, investigate an gather information. Read books, study, set goals and research strategies on how you can make it happen. Then write them down so you can check them off in the future when you accomplish them. In other words, investigate and prepare yourself for the future you desire.  When preparation meets opportunity, great things happen.  

7. Never give up on yourself  

Keep working towards achieving your goals and becoming the person you want to become no matter what. Don’t be distracted by what is going on around you and who may be advancing faster than you. Have confidence in the ability that God has given you. Be aware that you will fail sometimes but always pick yourself back up and keep going. Remember that faith without work is dead.

 8. God’s guidance in your life is key!  

Ask him what His desire for you is. Ask him to show you the purpose he predestined you for.  Remember purpose isn’t about simply fulfilling selfish ambitions it is about truly living the life that God has created you to live. 

Final thoughts on Becoming…

You may be afraid sometimes but work through your fears.  You may cry sometimes but work through your tears.  Don’t ever stop reaching,  don’t ever stop trying . The road to becoming isn’t always smooth.  There are sometimes obstacles that hinder you.  Sometimes people you trust will hurt you.  You’ll experience disappointments designed to stop you.  But if you’ll keep going, you’ll become a better you.  Because God will complete the work He began in you.